Wife / Beyonce confession sorry I ran short on space

So this happened around 1999 2000 ish. The first night I met my wife I really wasn't feeling like going out to the clubs however my best friend and his girlfriend were going and they had stopped by my place to drag me along as I had just broken off a short fling with a woman that I liked but she wasn't really the type of girl that you would have lasting relationship with. So we get to the bar and go to 1 counter at the bar, that counter was packed in the bartender was overwhelmed so I decided to go to the other side of the Dance Floor to get my drink. As I was passing through the Dance Floor cutting through there was a average sized woman very chesty and some slight curves dancing in a group with her friend who was a tall slender brunette with a very small chest the two girls were dancing with two other guys. As I was cutting between them the chesty redhead touches my arm and says hey your cute I smiled and we talked for a second. I was believing that she was there with the two guys and what had to be her boyfriend so I continued to go grab my beer. A short while later I was out on the dance floor with my group and there's the red hat again so I start dancing by her we started talking and she invited me over to their table she explained that they were there with some friends of hers. Long story short the two guys were trying to get her to go home with me however she did not and the two guys ended up going home with a two girls one girl and one guy in each car. We did however exchange numbers I called her a few days later. About 3 or 4 days after I called her we went out for dinner and then a couple days later she came over for coffee coffee turned into some wild passionate s**. That day when we went into the bedroom and things were getting steamy I had pulled out protection and started to use it she paused me for a minute and said it's okay that she was on the pill and she wanted to feel everything natural. And as things got really going she told me to come inside. A few times when I would call her she would not be available to get the phone and her roommate would answer. Her roommate was also quite attractive and very flirting. At the time I couldn't decide which one I would like to go out with however during the coffee date The Roommate called my apartment as well as the girl I was with cell phone numerous times and even left me kind of an awkward voicemail stating she wanted to talk to me about her roommate. So while laying in bed after s** the redhead tells me she really doesn't want a relationship she just wants a friend with benefits which most guys in their twenties will not turn around. We hooked up a couple more times before I talked with The Roommate about the redhead. Eventually The Roommate started talking and somehow the topic of multiple partners came up and she stated that the redhead had been known to have a threesome and was also seeing some other guys. Well since we had already discussed the fact she was seeing other guys I really didn't care and she told me I could see other women as long as we we're honest about it. Well fast forward about a week and I had asked the redhead about the threesome and she said a guy she was seeing talked her into giving him oral s** while his friend was passed out in the same room she said he awoke and since they were all drunk he started touching her and one thing led to another. Now let's fast forward a few months the redhead and I are now full on dating and we are hooking up on a very regular basis nearly daily. At the time I did work some night shifts and when I had a weekend night shift she and her friend would go out. After one such night shift she called me in the morning and wanted to break up I ended up talking through it a little bit and I was pretty sure she messed around the night before but when we started dating we never rescinded the friends with benefits agreement. Now about a year later we ended up married and during the interim time she admitted that her threesome was with the two guys she was with the night we met, she also admitted it happened more than once the first time was a few weeks before we met, and the night we met she had been with both men individually yet she was trying to hook up her roommate with one of the guys. She also admitted the guy who she was with first hooked up with her roommate after the bar and she hooked up with his roommate after the bar that night so both girls had both guys in the same day. She also admitted to a couple of times while we were friends with benefits early on.
Since we got married we started talking about past fun times. Over the years she had told me about her first threesome in Greater detail but had either told me it was safe the first few times or not even address the issue after that. She had always also insisted while we were dating when I get asked about her threesome that at no time did she ever have both inside her at the same time unless it was oral. Then things started to change about six or seven years into our marriage we started talking more and more about it and one night we got home from a work function where she had quite a bit to drink. So being that she was tipsy and when she drinks she gets more talkative combine the fact that she was extremely turned on I kind of cornered her I told her I didn't believe for a minute that she was safe every time especially since our first time it started safe she told me to take it off. To that she confessed that the guy she was seeing and giving oral to with his roommate passed out never was safe with her however the roommate start it out safe and she told him with her boyfriend's encouragement it was okay. Also while we were dating she ended up moving I use my truck to haul things that I met both guys they invited us over to their place afterwards to party well she was quite hesitant and actually turned it down she admitted to me did she knew that they wanted her to be with all three of us. She said I'm at drunken night when I asked about the guys helping her move, she got them to agree by going for a run with them in the morning and showering with them after another threesome with them she admitted to that one was all bare and that she was extremely wet and turned on by the thought of all three of us taking her and that is why she talked me into going back to her new place and drinking with her for a little bit which led to S**... I remember that night then she was so wet before things started so turned on and felt so good. During this conversation as I was playing with her in bed using her toy as well as myself I had slipped both into her I asked her if she liked it she said yes then I asked her if she ever been that full before she whispered yes during this conversation I asked her if it was toys she said no I asked her if it was fingers she said no I asked her if it filled the same she said it was the same but different so I asked her if it was fingers and a man in her. She said no I asked if it was a toy and a man she said no I asked if it was two of these leaving only myself inside of her she whispered yes I asked her when it was and she ended the conversation said she didn't want to talk about it. Stop being discouraged I kept working on her keeping her on edge then if she was getting into it I stopped movement she asked me to continue I told her I would if she continued to tell me when it happened. shortly before wedding I had moved for a job to another state approximately 6 hours away and she was going to relocate with me after we got married. Well I was living out of state she and her old roommate went out for drinks. Well at the bar they ran into the same two guys who she was with on the night I met her, her roommate had told them that she was getting married to me. The two guys dance in bought the girls drinks and as the night was coming to an end her former roommate called her boyfriend at the time to pick her up the two guys had offered to drive my wife to be home. Now her former roommate was a very jealous woman so I suspect there was something sinister in her mind. Anyhow on the ride home the two guys dropped by the Lion's Den adult store bought my wife to be a toy and a nice burgundy Teddy as well as a teal baby doll. When they got her to the house initially they were trying to get her to model the lingerie for them she was refusing so then they spotted her wedding dress in the hallway. After some discussion they talked her into modeling that for them she went into her bedroom strip down to Bra and panties then slid into the dress but was unable to zip it up. What she didn't know was the guy that also bought her a nice satin thong and a corset for under the dress they told her she should dress proper for her new husband and wear those underneath. Initially she was resistant when they told her she should model it then they stated well it's not like we haven't seen you in the nude before she left the guy's help one dove underneath address to help her change out of her panties the other was holding her up for reaching around removed her bra and started to slip the corset into place they had folded her top down of the dress and slit her panties off. Now as she lifted her leg and let the guy under her dress slide her new thong up the one sliding the corset into play started kissing her neck and cupping her breast has the other started touching her and licking her down below. She said she told them she shouldn't be doing this as she was getting married soon but the pressure kept on and she decide to go with it. She said she tried to talk them out of full-on s** by offering them oral she said she would swallow and everything and even started in her dress then said she was afraid she would stain it so she decided to go ahead with removal of her dress and continue the BJ. Well since one was getting attention and the other was not four about 2 minutes the neglected one started having s** with her but she let go all night.

Dec 7, 2020

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