I am a 21 year old male, I have a

I am a 21 year old male, I have a girlfriend who is away in college and I love her very much but sometimes I just want to have a s** buddy that lives near me that would let me do anything to her and she wouldnt tell anybody, I am a very sexual guy and pretty good looking (bot bragging), so I meet alot of girls I would wanna have s** with but dont. I dont wanna cheat but I get so tempted sometimes.

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  • Ask your girlfriend if she'd mind you, having a f*** buddy to sexually play with, whilst she's at College, see what she thinks.Whilst you broach this topic to her, also confirm you'll give her a "free for all pass aswell!" So you both can f*** whomever you want, whilst youre both apart.

    She should be allowed to, if you're!!

  • Break up with her first. Don't hurt her. It will came back to you someday when you are in love, and it will hurt BAD!!!

  • Waiting for your girl will make your few sexual encounters soooooo hot. The anticipation will drive you crazy, and when you do get to s**** her finally, it will feel hella good. . .especially if you do not cheat on her. Set up certain dates to get together with her, and stick it out buddy!

  • Sexual urges are natural, but fight it. Stay faithful. Think about something else. Pray for help.

  • Maybe your girlfriend has a s** buddy you don't know about think about it I don't put anything past women

  • If you can't be faithful, dump her. Then she can s**** all the hot college guys she wants, without feeling guilty.


  • it may be very tempting but imagine wat guys are like and how many people wants to ravish her body.... shes probably constantly thinking the same thing you are, and if you dont do it now, youll end up ugly without s**. do you think she can hold bak with all those hot guys at her school without s** with you. shes cheating on you already and you might as well give in too, kay

  • keep strong.

  • Watch Road Trip.

  • if youre even thinking like that, end the relationship, you suck at it. the fact that you posted this says that youd do it. if you cant do without s** for a little while, you are pitiful

  • Just think, your gf is probably thinking the same thing and feels the same way. If fact, she is probably out with someone right now as she was tempted!!!!

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