ok, here it goes. I met a girl in

ok, here it goes.

I met a girl in highschool who I fell deeply in love with, we were together throughout the entire duration of highschool almost and near the end things got a little bit s*****, she did some stuff with other guys while we were technically with broken up, I wouldnt mind as much but she continued doing stuff with me while she did that. At the end of highschool her and my best friend got together, and I mean a best friend Ive known my entire life, so I didnt know what to do, I thought I could trust him in never doing that sometimes I hate them both but they are good people and I try and look past myslef, I know they didnt mean to hurt me. To this current day me and my friend are in a band and make music together but I feel we will never be as good of friends as we could of been. As for the girl, me and her are together again, I am giving her another shot, sometimes I feel as if im just being f****** stupid because I know any other person would just tell her to f*** off but I didnt, I hope things go good this time, If not Im just gonna turn into a s*** and f*** all the gitls I want.

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  • I went one better i f***** my grandmother when i was sixteen,i went to visit her one weekend and just walked in as she was just going to take a shower. i watched her go in the shower so i took all my clothes off and stepped in the shower with her she was surprised and said what are you doing in in my shower, i said i am going to f*** you granny and slipped my c*** up her sixty year old c*** and f***** her against the shower wall and buried my c*** all the way up her puss. It was amazing we f*** for about twenty minuites and then i dump a load of my c** in her. She thank me and said anytime you feel h**** you can f*** me, after we recovered from our shower f*** i took her to bed and we f***** most of the night.

  • she was young when she was doing all that stuff, but if it bothers you that much, you shouldn't be with her.

  • You are scared of conflict. too scared to react because of losing her.. You are a sucker... you should realize that without her, there will be another girl. There will always be another girl. So you should just f*** her a few times, and cheat on her and make her plead for you. take control and get someone else.... shell eentually cheat on you again. shes not the only one, kay***

  • Youre a sucker man, I cant say a woman might make me be one too, but think about it. You know they thought about you before they screwed, YOU KNOW THEY DID. And now you have made yourself the better, but weaker person, I wouldnt be suprised if the a******* did it again.

  • You are being very passive aggresive in this situation. Rather that take direct control, are you setting up a situation to where your gf and or your friend are forced to do something a then you have an excuse for how the situation turns out. I think you know how this is going to play itself out but dont want to take control of the situation.

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