i was selfish

i have a 5 year old daughter and she is my life, my love, and if i have nothing more than her i consider myself blessed. i picked her up from daycare today on our normal "excited to see one another note" and dont know what came over me but, i told her how much it embarassed me and made me feel unloved that she hugs her fathers girlfriend the same way that she hugs me when she drops her off at school in the morning. i then said how would it make you feel if i showed another child love and made you feel like i didnt care about you as much? as i am saying this i know how innapropriate, wrong, f'd up, confusing, unfair etc....yet kept elaborating. i saw the sadness and pain in her eyes but didnt stop with my "point". she began to cry and say how sorry she was. i said that if you say that you are sorry and still do the same thing that it is the same as a lie. what the f*** came over me??????? after, i apologized over and again and told her how much i love her. too little....way too late.

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  • She is sooo young. You just witnessed her innocence and her ability to value and love friends and relations without expectations. Unconditional. Love.

    You recognize your action though and that is very good. The commentator above is right about what is appropriate for young ears. I have a daughter aged five as well. When she asks me why the sky is blue, I give her a true answer. Atmospheric filtering yadda yadda. She'll go \\"Oh Dad!\\" but next I'll say \\"Isn't it beautiful?\\". That is the point. Don't overload them until they can handle it.

    Your daughter loves you very much. Unconditionally.

  • Be careful not to say adult things to little ears. I have made my share of mistakes, and there a few things I wish I would have kept to myself. You need to find a way to let her know it is OK for her to love other people besides you. Yes even her father's woman. Give her that much respect and guidance, allow her to love those you don't. You and her will be better for it.

  • That sucks- and what posessed u to say that- i know how u felt but to say it out loud-- GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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