what? do i have bad skills or somethin?

i recently gave my boyfriend head for the first time. when i was done he pushed my face away and said thank you. then he ran out of the room and apparently did his business. then came back and acted like he liked it...it sure didnt feel like it. i mean do you have purple j***? come on! im not slutty but no one has ever done that before...i didnt know what to think. he's otherwise the perfect boyfriend. i love him, and i know he has been with way more people then me, but still...damn, make a girl feel at least KINDA good about the thing she does for you! ..exspecially when she doesnt even like to do it!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • acctually...he's just a nice guy and didnt wanna make you swallow....=]

  • ^ You read Cosmo for the s** advice? You just have not sampled enough of the population to get your evidence. Which have you blown more? Cut or uncut? And what are we talking about? 10 BJ's with 10 different guys? More? Are you a professional? Was it a non-stop suck until its in your mouth? Or did you finish up in the last 20 seconds with a hand job?

    The dude in the OP could have just been nervous.

  • "The above is all bullshit..." post looks like it was taken straight from a Cosmo article... an attempt to make s***** blowjobbers feel better about their ineptitude. I personally have never had a guy NOT c** from a b******, can't imagine that's a problem for most guys.

  • Its because your foul mouth reaks of dead things and ass.
    He was only trying to wash it off of his d*** before it sank in.

  • haha that was the best comment ever..i appriciate that very much. it made me laugh and now i feel alot better about the situation. =] thanks.

  • The above is all bullshit. It's true that some guys just won't come by oral. It is just a fact. They've been using a hand their whole life so the sensations of a b******* feel awesome, but just won't finish the job. That is where he might be ashamed to show you how he masturbates. It can be a very private thing, even if you have s** together. I'm sure it isn't your skills if you've done this before. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

    Don't feel slighted because of his actions. He probably did truly enjoy it and will welcome it again. Maybe with time you'll swallow a load or get a nice pearl necklace.

    I wonder if you could actually get purple j***. If you eat beets you get pink pee... hmmm.

  • need skills updated. sounds like he got bored. Thanks? Thanks!!! wtf? lol

  • maybe so. he wasnt that big anyway.=]

  • Obviously you're not very good at it. Or it was coming across loud and clear that you were doing him a favor and don't like to do it, thats kind of a turn-off. Just because you've apparently sucked a lot of d**** doesn't mean you're any good at it. Apparently he's had better.

  • Maybe you used your teeth? Try just sucking ;)

  • i AM a swallower, and thats what i dont understand? i think he must be really shy or somethin. ???? who knows...but i probly wont be doin that again...lol.

  • Practice makes perfect. Keep sucking until you get it right.


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