I miss u

I am a gay 16 year old male and i was in a psychiatric hospital about a month ago for depression. when i was in there i meet a great guy that was my room mate. he was in there for anger. he was the same age as me bisexual with a daughter. the first night there we had s** and after that almost every night we did it. but after a week or so he left but the bad part is i miss him and i think i am in love with him. but i know that i will never get to see him again. and now all i want is him back i cant find any one like him and he is all i can think about.

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  • to the 3rd anonymous poster - why you nasty piece of slime! dont post your bile where its not wanted.

    to the confesser - sweetie I'm sorry you miss him and I hope you find him. Did he leave no contact info?

  • Is your hair starting to turn white like Elton John's did from all the c** you swallowed? You go see Brokeback Mountain together? Does it hurt when you pee? (that's a bad sign)

  • I completely understand.
    I don't really have much advice though.
    Do you know his name? First and last.
    It's amazing who and what you can find on the internet.

    I wish you the best!
    Go get him.

    - LoveIsFluid.

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