She just ruined six lives.

For the past year, we've tried everything to stop your drug problems. We kept you from going out of the house, we got you therapy sessions, tried to stop you from failing out of school, everything. For a year, you've done nothing but tear apart our family and make us cry. Why ?

You started doing drugs over a boy. A f****** boy who you dated all of a month and a half. You were just turning fifteen then, and I warned you about him and how he was going to only break your heart and you never listened to me.
We moved away because our family could no longer live the luxury we once had. We moved to benefit ourselves and because our parents got great job offers that would have been stupid to reject.

Because of this, you treat all of us like s***.
Just to let you know, our parents and our little brother had problems adjusting too but guess what ? We all bit our tongues and tried our best to learn to like where we live, unlike you.

I thought things were finally beginning to look better because you were beginning to go back to your old self and was stopping the drugs. I was really happy.
Then, on my eighteenth birthday, you tell our parents your pregnant with a older mans child that wants nothing to do with you. Thanks for turning a day that was suppose to be about me into something all about you, like you always do.

You turned sixteen not only a week ago. Your just stopping your drug habits now. Do you really think you can raise a child ?
You won't abort, even though you know keeping it will f*** us all over. Our parents can never be promoted in their jobs now, our little brother is going to be bullied in school now not only being known as the drug addicts sister, but as the one with the pregnant sister too.
Our brother shouldn't have to be an Uncle at thirteen, and I shouldn't have to be an Aunt at eighteen.

Mom and Dad raised two really great kids. Our brother and I have done everything we could to make our lives good in the future.
You had a future too. Until just this year, your grade average was 90% until you got some stupid idea in your head getting drunk, snorting drugs and f****** randoms was a great idea. Grow the f*** up.

But now, you've just ruined six lives. Mine, our brothers, our parents, yours and this unborn child's.

Our parents won't let me say any of this to you, because they don't want you to 'suffer' anymore. I had to post this, because if I didn't, all the emotions I've been hiding inside would kill me.

I've done nothing but cry since I found out, and same with our parents. I don't even want to know how our little brother will take it when he finds out.

I hope your f****** happy.

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