Midnight masturbation

Last night I was laying on top of my covers completely naked using my 9" vibrator. My neighbor's dog likes to escape into my backyard sometimes and last night was no different. My bedroom is in the basement, the windows are small but a great view of my bed. My neighbor was chasing his dog and stopped to watch me m*********. I didn't let him know that I knew he was there but I could feel his eyes on me. I wonder if it got him off. I hope it did, it certainly helped me along.

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  • i love my p****.................cat

  • Have you ever wondered why his dog always seem to escape its a good excuse for him to perv at you without being caught.

  • Omg that was me!!!!! F*** I masterbated to you b****!

  • How the H*** do you m********* ? when you ain't even got a d*** you knobjockey....

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