im a 16 yearold girl and ive had s** with two of my dad's
friends. i know this is so wrong but im hooked on these
older guys, they are both nearly 40 and i have a
boyfriend my age.
it all started at a family party a couple of months ago, i
was pretty smashed and standing in the kitchen when
one of them walked past and squeezed my bum,
normally i would of told him where to go but i liked it, a
bit later im outside when he comes out with his mate, he
then tells him ive got a nice bum and tells his mate to
have a feel, and i let him. i never done anything like that
before but i was well drunk, they both start talking dirty
and then i can feel them both put a hand on the back of
my legs and up my dress, one moves his hand to the
front and starts fingering me. i couldn't believe i just let him do it, i think he was surprised how wet i was ive never got like that with my b/f it felt so good with there hands feeling my b**** f**** and bum all at the same time. they wanted to go further but i was so scared of getting caught i stopped them but not before they got me to give them a good feel, they both took my mobile no. two days later i meet them at one of their houses i guess i knew what was going to happen but it gave me a buzz that two older guys liked me so much. i let them take off my clothes and they took it in turns to lick me out, one had s** with me from behind and i gave the other one a b*******. the next time we met one of them picked me up from school, they wanted me to keep my clothes on, the 2nd guy had s** with me, he pulled up my skirt and pulled my knickers to one side, the other one had my blouse undone and played with my b**** while he got me to suck and w*** him. he came on my face, ive never had that done to me before. when i got home i started to really think about what im doing, im so disgusted with myself and feel like a real s*** but i would be lying if i said i didn't love it. i know if i ever get caught my dad would go mad but i can't stop it

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  • Let the 2 guys bang you infront of your daddy than let him bang you infront of them. its hott to let your daddy bang you i gave myself to my daddy last week and im only 14

  • What is wrong is cheating on your boyfriend. Other than that, you made your choice, and enjoyed having these guys do this to you. What are their ages what bothers you. So, two guys your boyfriend's age doing the same thing would be better? Why? Last time I checked a c*** is a c***. Two c**** are two c****. What is the difference if it is someone the age of your boyfriend sticking his c*** in you, or someone older, if it's who you are wanting to experience s** with?

    Don't feel bad... there are many girls that like the experience of someone who's a bit older, or a your case a quite a bit. If it's legal, and if that's what you desire, don't feel bad for that experience.

    One on one, fine, but not one of the three. Lol There's something about having s** with a girl, and having other guys standing there with their c**** hanging out that's a turn off for me. Especially when your doing a*** and p**** at the same time. What? Do their b**** smack each others?

    Do watch it though. If it gets out, aside from those who only want you as a piece of ass, it'll be hard for people to see you more than what you've been doing.

  • leave the girl alone honey it's ok but control yourself man those dirty old meN

  • so im anything betweena jailbait, a dunbass or ok if i am happy.
    well im not jailbait, 16 is legal where i live and im not dumb. at times i do still feel disgusted but what the h***, 10 years from now i'll probably have kids be fat with no fun in my life. so now they have got another friend involved so im getting a*** and my p**** filled and giving a b******* at the same time, i get anything i want from them so i guss you just all wish you were one of the three

  • Keep it up sweetheart! You're doing a great thing. Where do you live?

  • eww gross

  • Jail bait!

  • You sure your dad didn't arrange it? Maybe he'll join in later when the guys think you won't expect it. Turn around and discover your dad is the one ramming it in. They might be making movies of it without you knowing.
    That's the way it went down the last time I had one of my buddy's daughters.

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