Even though I'm a Christian, I

Even though I'm a Christian, I m********* regularly. I wish I could get out, but I can't find a way to go cold turkey. I'm really ashamed about it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Maaaan chill out. Ain't nuthin wrong wit gettin 1 off. I promise God does not hate you

  • you only live once and will never be as old as you are today again so enjoy it!!!!

  • M********* and quit feeling guilty. ts not like youre out having s**!

  • s** is s**. and if you feel bad about it then its good you're trying to stop. things like that do take time though so every so often go w/ out doing it then reward yourself. ig u can't do that then pray about it and just be like, God, help me!!!

  • I think it's perfectly normal. Well, I know some very religious Christian people who had s** before marriage!!! That's even worse!

  • lol those predestants are so racyy

  • masturbation is natural and beautiful. love yourself.

  • you not a bad person, so many do, and its ok, boy or girl.

  • i do it, im christian too. it doesn't make you a horrible person.

  • Its perfectly okay.You must be catholic.Prodestants do it all the time.

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