I sent gay pics to men online.

When I was a young teenager, I started visiting gay chat rooms because I liked all the attention I got from older men. They would ask me embarrassing sexual questions and my heart would start racing. I felt dirty but excited. They would ask me for pictures and at first I didn't have any, but then one day I got my mom's digital camera and put it on a tripod & timer in my bedroom. I took my clothes off and let it photograph me. I tried different poses, some smiling, some not. Some with a h******, some soft. It was such a rush, & I kept saying to myself "what the h*** am I doing?" Then I went online and tried to find a man that I could trust and I made him promise that he wouldn't share them, and I sent them in an email. He was 61 and he wanted me to call him papi. He said I was handsome and adorable and he loved my little c***. He wanted to be my online boyfriend and I said yes, and then he asked me for my phone number and I gave it to him. When he called me I was very shy, but he was persistent and I think my mom started getting suspicious. He kept wanting me to visit him in NY so he could hold me and make love with me. I started to get too nervous so I broke it off, but I kind of regret not seeing what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with a man.

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