Motherly Neighbor

Before i start i wanna say im a 21y/o guy, last year I had a neighbor move in next door to me, from what i saw she was a single mature woman in her late 40's early 50's with no kids shes brunette, big DD b******, & thick with a decent booty, anyway skip ahead to yesterday we've gotten to know each other as friends so she invited me inside so i thought nothing of it and went in we sat on the couch and talked/watched tv then she asked me something i thought was 'strange' she asked me to put my head in her lap so i said ok and went along with it, she then took her top off and i loved that but then she wanted to 'cradle' me like a baby so confused i let her have her way she wanted me to feed from her so i started sucking from her huge rack and it seemed to get her off by the way she was moaning, she started rubbing me so i took my pants off and she started getting me off shes kinky i tried somethin new and i like it we're making this a daily routine we do this at least three times a day she doesnt want a bf or husband which is great shed rather just have me. -Light

Jan 20, 2015

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  • Im not a fraud, I tried to make my post as professional as possible every one of my post are and always will be REAL think whatever you want i dont need to argue with people that aim for perfection. Light

  • Another fraud. The giveaway is when they do not realize the word "I" is capitalized. Anyone over the age of 12 knows that.

  • Enjoy it wife of 15 years won't even let me touch her since her menopause. I would kill for that situation.

  • Sorry i sounded a little stupid, i admit i could've posted this a little bit better not everybody is perfect.

  • "anyway skip ahead to yesterday..... we're making this a daily routine we do this at least three times a day". Is there a contradiction here or am I missing something?

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