if i find out i'm pregnant, i'm going

if i find out i'm pregnant, i'm going to kill myself

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I got pregneat and i died while giving birth but they helped me live

  • Don't be sad sweety. Just live up to your responsibilities and tell your parents. Do you go to church? You can tell your church pastor or school counselor and that person will help you as much as they can. Good luck ;)

  • go for it.

  • You stupid b****. I have been trying to get pregnant and I don't think I can. I f****** hate b****** like you. . .deal with it. Give it up for adoption so that a good person (like me) can love and take care of that innocent human life!

  • that is not fair to the baby. you would be a murderer.

  • Take up masturbation, and m********* while killing yourself.

  • Take up masturbation.

    Then don't kill yourself.

  • For starters, go to Planned Pregnancy. They have resources. They can talk to you frankly about your privacy rights when you talk to someone, like a counsellor or doctor.

  • I second the above commenter. You knew that you could get pregnant from unprotected s**. Have that baby- and if your life sucks sometimes, remember that you, and only you did it.

  • Girl you have to understand tha fact that it was your choice to open your legs so just deal with it .. and stop being such an ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dont listen to them....there are other ways!!!! You'll be okay; because it's not the end of the world!!!!!!!!!

  • same here but im 15

  • You should have thought about pregnancy before you screwed without protection. Um, in this day and age NO WOMAN HAS TO EVER GET PREGNANT. They give out FREE forms of birth control at health clinics and condoms don't cost that much. I mean why kill yourself? H***, you're a big girl; big enough to s**** without protection. Woman up and face your responsibilities.

  • 17 is not so young to have had this happen to you, your almost an adult its a big responsibility and its well scary but you have a major decision to make here, i understand its hard but hey youve spoken on here, to me ? people have children or choose not to everyday...what do you want to do ? have the baby not have the baby does the father know ?

  • i can't tell anyone! i'm only 17 and no one will talk to me... i can't tell my mother..

  • councilors, doctors, pregnancy advice beureau, family, friend work colleague, teacher ..... ?

  • who, who's going to help me?

  • Don't listen to obnoxious comments posted by these people. You need help. Don't be afraid to ask for it... There are people who can help

  • same

  • why wait........

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