MW2 Girl

I'm a girl and I f****** kick ass at f****** Mw2. It's f****** hystracal because I'm not what you would exspect. I pretend I haven't a f****** clue as to what the gross ass nerds, b**** about all day at school. They talk about nuckes, scars, snipers, laggers, campers, hackers, the talk about guns and killstreaks and how there stupied
Xbox is a piece of s***, which it is. I have had both. The speak openly about search and destroy which is my favorite, heart scopers heartbeat cheaters and cold blooded ninjas. It's crazy I promise you me and my squad of girls kick ass. I promise you, you see a clan tagg of aotw (angels of the wake) start running. :) were nothing Luke you have seen before. My accrecy is 32.77% I won't miss a kill. Anyways as b**** as as I am I only play on my ps3 because it kicks ass over xbox. B******. :) so, if you see me you will know what's up. I'm a white/Asian bombshell. On JV poms at school and you would never know. :)

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  • your spelling skills are fuckingly pathetic.....

  • Read a f****** book, you illiterate moron.

  • h*** yeah b****. someone knows what the f***** im talkin about

  • Add me Tylo84

  • You and eveyone else needs to get stop playing stupid fake games and go back to school. Your, spelling skills are horrid.

  • b****

  • F** me girl

  • Eww get your nails done, PIG.

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