I'm a hot blond with a nice body but

I'm a hot blond with a nice body but I'm also an alcoholic. I like to drink on the weekends, and I usually hook up. Last weekend I went home with two guys. They seemed nice, and I didn't mind ** them, but one kept trying to ** me up the **. I resisted, but the other one held me down while his friend ** my **. I feel like a human toilet.

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  • You're probably young. One of my bartender friends, all of 22, did the same. Hot, little blonde, fit body, well-done nails, not overly-tatted up but does have some. Drinks her head off when not working, and routinely goes with her regular customers.

    Earlier this year, word got around that she left with "at least" 2 guys, but likely 3. Ended up at some guy's cabin, stuck, with no car, pretty much getting ** by all of them, including by her own admission, "after I'd passed out". While people felt bad for her, bottom line was..SHE chose to get drunk with 3 guys, had to know not having her car would leave her stranded and at their will, and, the story would make it's way around the bar very fast.

    "Did you hear about Kelly and those 3 guys?" was the common question.

  • this is for the person who posted the last comment-WOWOWOW nice

  • firstly YOUR A **. secondly i bet your not even pretty i bet your an ugly fat cow who needs a confidence boost. go get aids you dirty **! FOR ** SAKE! its girls like you that make men think that they can just touch girls whenever they like without asking! ** ** **! you must be well loose

  • You attract what you portray sluttie one, your lucky they just didn't ** you and beat the ** out of you. The day you give a ** about yourself is the day you will seek help, I hope you live through it and you don't get aides cuz right now your just a drunken **. Look in the mirror, respect yourself and get help!

  • You made countless mistakes. . .getting drunk, going home with TWO guys. . .stop being a drunk **. . .get sober if you have to.

  • I'm a blonde and that really offends me lol.


  • Simple assault maybe but not **. Because she agreed to ** with both, ** ** is no different than ** **. It's just **. He might be an ** for putting it in her ** when she didn't want it there but the charge of ** is unwarranted.

  • i would definitely call that **. Yes you wanted to have **, but you did not want to have ** **. If you really want to press charges you should.

  • whats with ppl and ** just any random person stop fricking ** around!!!

  • i guess it's too late to press charges?

    i hope that this event has caused you to be more careful from now on.

    it might be tempting to think that you deserved this, due to your own drunken slutty ways, but you should remember that NO ONE EVER deserves to be **. no matter what.

    your ** behavior led you to be in that situation, yes, but those men are rapists, plain and simple. you didn't deserve that.

  • I've got something in my front pocket for you...

  • I drink. I get drunk. I fall down. What's the problem?? If you happen to have **, so be it. If youre good, the guy will love you for it...

  • you are a trashy ** and deserved what u got. dont complain when you offered. They thought u were trashy enough to want it in the **, but i guess u arent at that level yet

  • maybe dont sleep with random guys next tim, actually please dont, dont u think ur worth more than that?

  • LOL, you play with fire and guess what happens.

  • that's it you,the brunette and me ** both in the **!

  • Do you like it up the ** otherwise?

  • Cause you are a human toilet you filthy ** !

  • i was like and had a very similar experience but im brunette. booze and coke was how i got into doing ** for 3 yrs.

  • That **. =(


  • where do u live?

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