i think im going to stop posting here

i think im going to stop posting here because there are too many immature annoying people who post rude and unhelpful comments to mine and other peoples posts.

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  • then why are you posting?

  • STFU and go cry about it somewhere you pansy

  • Ok...Ill just go and comment somebody else then. :)

  • hahah shiut the f*** upp whingey whiney b****!

  • sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves and others

  • i deffinatly agree with you, and i'm 20 so i'm right in there with the 'MTV mentality' age group, everyone feels that they're special and the world owes them something without them having to give anything back. This is a power trip for the kids who's parents spoiled them to the point that they can't suport themselves in the future yet still feel they're superior

  • shut up

  • Just realized that most people under 30 have MTV mentality, low I.Q.'s. can only relate to the likes of Snoop, and basically are a bunch of narcissictic, immature, selfish a******* who only know violence and rudeness as a way of communiicating, much less have critical thinking. I find it funny to see how increadibly stupid and shallow most are. And best of all, I love to fire, and refuse to hire, whenever possible, a******* like them.

  • You know some people feel like Goliath when they can post anonymously on the web. It's called TROLLING. Build a bridge, get over it because any site you go to where anon posting is cool, you're going to have trolls. Damn, don't you know the rules of the game?

  • hahaha
    look its not about being immature or rude, im 30 i have manners but some people just need a wake up call or reality check AND A SENSE OF HUMOUR !!! XXXXXXX

  • dont do us any favors.

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