I hurt a guy....

I f***** up and I feel bad....

I'm 17 and I do karate. I have been doing it for 4 years now. Well, we had a boy join who is 14 and is immature.

Well, since i'm a girl, I still have to wear a female cup, since it hurts to get kicked down there.

We 3 days ago in class the immature boy kicked me down there about 6 times, and even with my cup on it hurt. I asked him to stop and he wouldn't. Well, I kicked him back in the groin, thinking he had a cup on, but when I hit I didn't feel any plastic, just air.

He was on the ground for 20 minutes when his mom came in yelling at me that I shouldn't have kicked him there, and I tried telling her that it was an accident and he should have had a cup on.

Well, today I was told he lost his right t******* and may lose the left because of ruptures. I feel horrible...

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  • "I feel horrible" Yup! Girls always say this. Then they laugh right in your face. The chick who kneed me in the b**** ruined me for life. You should feel horrible.......

  • He deserved it. Karma is a b****.

  • It's painful to write this as I'm a guy but it serves him right for being a d*** (no pun intended). At 14 you know right from wrong.

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