I am not a gay

I am 24 male, 4 years ago, mom was out of the house,
my male friend came at home, he narrated his tale of how he f***** her girlfriend, soon i got an erection and ooppps we were rubbing our d**** against each other in bed, it was weired, and i am known in my social life as a macho guy (which i am) who can brush up the skinny and gay souls with a whisker. It embarras me soooo much and if my friend is concern he is just gave that incident a damn, he has forgot this one.....amazing and weired.

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  • F*** you guys. I'm so macho I could suck a guy's d*** and still not be gay. You guys are just jealous you didn't get some of that d*** to d*** action. A*******!

  • i dont know where you come from buddy but where I come from , If you rub your d*** against another mans d*** , that pretty much means that ..............YOU'RE F****** GAY!!!!

  • You are GAY!Live with it!

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