I have grotesque nipple hair. everyday

I have grotesque nipple hair. everyday I shave it off and every night my husband complains and calls me a nipple prickler. I can't take the insults (or the hair) anymore, I am thinking about faking cancer so that I can get a double masectomy. I know this sounds over the top but I've reached the end of my long black curly thick rope.

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  • Try tweezing the hairs, it will last longer than shaving!

  • Do it with your shirt on!

  • He just sounds like he's teasing.
    And I think you'll regret having a double masectomy. Using tweezers or getting lasec is a lot less extreme.
    Be practical.

  • Have you read my post about having hair all over my body? Consider yourself lucky. You could be hairy like me.

  • Your husband should not joke about it if it hurts your feelines. You should just wax it or get the lazer thing done. But I would consider leaving the husband bc he soumd slike a real j***.

  • dump your husband....he's a j***

    get laser surgery

  • tweezers even ? come onnnnnn

  • how exactly does one go about faking cancer? silly me, i thought we lived in a pretty medically modernized time...

    your husbands an a******.

  • try waxing... middle eastern women have the same plight... tell you husband if he ever wants to play with them and your other fun bits he should be thankful that you don't have cancer. Also, how rude of you to think about "faking cancer" thank your stars you don't really have it. Take your efforts and do some work for those who do have breast cancer. after seeing those women a few hair follicles won't mean much.

  • i'm pretty sure you cannot "fake cancer"


  • I don't think any sane person would do that, get the laser or get some therapy.

  • Nipple hair or completey disfigured!!!! I would at least try to do the laser first and then go from there....

  • thanks but insurance will cover the masectomy so i think i'm gonna go that route. what can i say,

  • you can get a laser cut done and hair will never grow there again it would cost about 75-100 dollors but if it is that bad it is worth it you can have it done at most dermatolagists

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