A vote to change ConfessionPost!

I love this site but I think most of the really dirty sexual posts should be separated from the other confessions. This way those who want to read that stuff can still do so but they would have to click a link to see it and the rest of us wouldn't have to.

What do you guys think? Let the guys running this site know!

Sep 11, 2010

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  • I have clicked "report " a few times on some of the post that talk about having s** with underage girls , or having your wife raped , or perverts who spy on there step daughters bedroom and yet it's still up . So much for rules , there is non .

  • i agree

  • Deal with it.

  • I think the two babies having the fight should go blow each other!

  • Agree

  • How about a vote for you to shut the f*** up! How about we vote you kiss my ass in h*** you worthless piece of s***!

  • Either you must be one of the loosers who writes up fake s** confessions or one of the f*** that gets off on them

  • What the f*** is a looser? Do you mean loser? I may be one or the other, but I can spell, can you f*******? You may mean looser like 'Your girlfriend's c*** is much looser now that she cheats on you with a real man', or if you are a woman, How about, 'Your c*** must be much looser now, considering the only thing you can f*** is the gearshift on your car, nothing else can come near the stink!'. So have a Coke and a smile and shut the f*** up s*******.

  • Damn, you're whole weak ass comeback was based on a typo? You didn't even debate the fact that you're a "loser" or a f** that gets off on fake s** confessions. That's good. First step is admitting you have a problem. How bout you stop posting here so you can pick up an extra shift at McDonalds to save up for a h*****. Would be sad to think you didn't even get laid once in your whole life.

  • Really? This is your return comment? I mean I suppose you're trying hard, and I'd get you a cookie or pat you on the head, maybe a gold star or something. Let me put this the simplest way I know, and I hope you keep up. I ignore things said about me that aren't true, thats a pretty simple reason why I don't need to make a response to that. So by your own reasoning, is the reason you didn't take up for your girlfriend or yourself, depending on your gender, (hard to tell by the way you come off as pretty feminine, so I'm assuming your a woman, but I'm open minded.) that your girlfriend (If there is one, pretty doubtful about that as well.) is cheating on you with a more endowed than yourself individual? Or that you yourself are a gapped out c***? I'm only asking because you didn't deny either, so its probably true then right? No? You didn't deny either so one or the other must be true, by your own logic. Well have fun little Miss, I'm sure you'll confound and astound everyone with your next amazing insult. have fun!

  • Wow, I feel bad that you typed all that. Sorry but the point you were trying to make just doesn't apply. You can't insult me by talking about my girlfriend when I don't have one. Oh, before you make yourself late for that extra McDonald's shift by making a reply, I'm single by choice. Much better to have the freedom to spank whatever girl you like. I'd insult you back by saying your girl was one of the ones I f***** but we both know your blow up doll is locked up tight in your room at your parents house.

  • LMAO! "You can't insult me by talking about my girlfriend when I don't have one" Let's make that a little more honest. "You can't insult me by talking about my girlfriend when I've never had one." That sounds a little more honest for you. "I'm single by choice.", Wow, just delusional. Lets make that one a little more honest as well. "I'm single by the choices women have made in turning me down." So to finish, you've never had s**, never had a girfriend, and women obviously have made the 'choice' to keep you single. Maybe if you lay off the Mcdonald's (Which you seem to have a strange obsession with.) You may find a woman who will choose you, just friendly advice. You are too easy to troll. Go ahead, you know you have to try and win something as stupid as this, keep it coming!

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