My dauter

I should have f***** my daughter when i had the chance. She is the finest young lady i have ever seen. Her name start with a B. She has large b****** and she sounds good. We used to kiss and i used to play with her and feel on her b******. One day she came home from school and her body language said she was ready but i had tons on my mind and that is how that fell apart. One night she saw me j********** in the bathroom but she did not stay to watch. I still want to f*** her and make her eat my c**


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  • F*** em while the c*** still has no hair

  • i am going to f*** her only if she wants me to and i want her to want me to

  • i often fantasize about how other men are treating her sexually because she likes it rough

  • my fantasty is she is mine and i let other men from bars come home and f*** her also

  • i realy want to choke her whil f****** all the slob out of her mouth

  • once she was your you want her to eat your sperm...guys like you should be f***** zillion times by horses.....get out of this site you m***********

  • I love you

  • she did feel the same way until after i did not respond in the kitchen. I still love her and would still do her. I would like to be the only man for her. And her body smells so good even her sweat!

  • this is prolly a lil kid writing it.... THE guy dusnt even know how to spell DAUGHTER!

    get a life

  • i think this is a scam post.

    if not... YOUR FUKED IN THE HEAD DUDE! she was once your sperm and now you want her to EAT UR SPERM! u need help.

  • you are shameless dirty man

  • if you saw my daughter you would undrstand. I loved the way she kissed. I wish i could f*** her mouth right now!

  • F***, I know this is "ConfessionPost" but why the h*** does it have to be "PervPost". Go find some h***** that looks like your daughter, f***** her, then hang yourself out of guilt. The world will be a better place.

  • i still want her I loved when i used to ask her for a kiss then she would get really quiet and kiss me right in the mouth. Funny thing about it is she was the first one between us to constantly bring up s**/masturbation. In the kitchen she stood in the middle of the floor and was in that really quite mode looking back over her shoulder at me. It was so sexy. I wish I could change my controlled response.

  • i hope to be having her from behind and giving her the bdsm she likes

  • the cops?

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