I'm Beginning To Feel Uncomfortable When My Aunt Hugs Me

When I was little my aunt always hugged me when she came to visit my family and when she left. Now that I'm sixteen I am beginning to feel uncomfortable when she hugs me. I'm very much aware of her b****** against my chest when she wraps her arms around me. I have masturbated thinking about how her b****** felt against me. I don't feel good about that. I even prayed to God to make the feeling and the masturbation go away. My aunt visits at least once a week, so I don't get much of a break between her hugs, and my disappointment in me for what I feel and do about it. Maybe if I pray more the feeling will go away.

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  • To find out what to do...
    Next time she hugs you hug her back, but with your hands low like at the top of her butt and pull her against you. Watch her face, if she pulls away with a disturbed look on her face then you know she was just hugging her nephew innocently and the next time she won't hug you so tight or maybe not at all. If she looks like she liked what you did, then you need to have a private talk with her that you like her as an Aunt but nothing else and to cut out the hugs. If she continues after your talk, then you gotta tell one of your parents to step in and speak to her.

    But if it was me....

  • By all means, keep praying. But don't be too self-loathing about this. Like the previous poster said, much of this is hormonal.

  • It's your hormones. Very natural. I know boys who get hard ons from their moms all the time. Don't worry about it.

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