I started becoming attracted to my stepdaughter when she was about 13. Angelic face and big b******. She would flirt like at times brushing her huge b****** against me when passing And she was well developed at young age. I used to sniff her mother’s panties left in the bathroom. One night I went to the bathroom to to sniff my wife’s panties and the smell wasn't my wife’s but that of my now 15 year old step daughter. At first I was like this is new level of wrong but my arrousal was too much to ignore the sweet musky smell make me c** soo hard!!! I noticed she would leave them hung up in thre all the time. I would taste and smell them she even had them all over her room Cause she was messy as well.
Ever since I’ve been indulging myself jerkin off to her panties while looking at her picture the smell was overpowering very dif from my wifes she always had skid marks and sticky c** all in them. I’ve honestly been feeling bad about this but I used to feel she knew I was smelling them and she would wear clothes that had her t*** out and her lips were plush kissable I was l****** so bad. Even when I had s** with my wife I would picture my step daughter I was f#%ing.


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  • Sickfucking pedo die die

  • I always picture my sister when I'm wanking

  • I sometimes picture f****** my daughter or my stepdaughter as I'm f****** my wife too. They're both so so yummy!

  • How old are the girls ?
    Can't beat a hairy teen f**** !
    Bet they smell amazing.

  • You are not alone and I know what you mean

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