Crazy love

Just bought the iPhone 4 and I'm totally besoted with it, amazing is an understatement, how I ever got through life before I had it is now a complete mystery. It's now made my life complete and I feel totally at ease with the world. I can't wait for my iPhone to ring so I can get it out my pocket so everyone can see what their missing. Bill Gates is just so brilliant to dream up these marvels of technology,thankyou so much

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  • It's 2016 now and the iPhone 7 is out, so I wonder how this guy s doing...

  • You idiot this is s** confessions. Plus Bill Gates has the Windows phone and it is better than the Iphone. Steve Jobs is the Apple Iphone creator.

  • y is this in the s** confessions? lol

  • F****** yanks, in love with yet another British idea, you just keep to your own ideas like slavery, how long ago did your wife leave you sad old bald pedophile

  • If by Bill Gates you mean Steve Jobs...

  • yes folks, pathetisad is becoming a word.

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