Am i gay?

I'm a guy and i've recently moved into a dorm. i have a roommate, and we got a long real well. but then things started to get bumpy when he told me he was gay. i just felt something really tingly inside me, and said it was ok.
just recently, i was at a party, when i met this girl, and oo~lala, she was fine. when i finally get her in a room, we tried foreplay for a little while but then i found out that i couldn't get IT up.
but now, i find myself looking at my roommate's chest and all and i find it really chiselled and erotic.

when he bought over someone to make love with (we share the same room) i pretended to be asleep and i could hear them a***-ing and all that, and i got hard.

what do you guys think? am i gay?

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  • If you're not sure, why not experiment and find out? If you're comfortable with it, you might even try talking to your roommate about it, because he probably went through the exact same thing once. Just explore a little bit, and remember that whatever your sexual orientation turns out to be there is nothing wrong with being who you are. Allow yourself the freedom to truly explore your sexuality.

  • Lol Maybe Its Time You Follwed Your Signs And Tried Sumthing New, WHo Knows It'll Prolly Work Out For You

  • dude u r a gay .....congrats!!!!!!!

  • You simply could have been reacting to the stress of the moment with the girl, and the taboo and newness of the idea of a guy, the voyeurism aspect of the situation, or just the fact that you were in the presence of someone having s** in the case of the guys. If you are getting along well with your roommate, and feel comfortable with him, tell him what happened. Gay guys are not often like a straight male. They do not often force themselves on others. He may have some good advice for you. Or, maybe you will end up having some good times just getting to watch him, as that may be "your thing".

  • go seek counselling.

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