Confessing again

I am confessing AGAIN! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

well first of all.. i kinda hava a thing for my boyfriends best friend... i LOVE my boy friend and he loves me. However my BF and i are different... i crave to see him f*** another girl,i have even organized numerous amounts of threesomes for him (ffm) and i swore i was never interested in any other male...

how ever i have been very attracted to his best friend and i feel very dirty about it... the thing is.... i just wanna suck his c***? yeah, i know i don't get it either... i don't want him to f*** me (that is strictly my boyfriends area), i don't want him to love me, i don't want him to touch me nor do i want him to oral me, i simply want to blow him and i want him to like it... yeah i know... im weird...

what do i do????

Sep 27, 2010

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  • Fair is fair. If he gets another girl, you get another guy.

  • How come your bf is o.k. with having 3-somes with you and another woman, now he doesn't want you to blow his friend? Seems selfish to me.
    Why do you want to suck his friend in particular? Have you seen or touched his d*** yet?

  • well to be honest i want to have the threesome with him and another girl. i find it a turn on to watch him do another chik... but anyways. thats my problem... i wanna know why he gets selfish when it comes to me n his mate.. when i ask him now its always a touchy subject so i just dont ask anymore. and im not quite sure why i wanna blow his mate? theres something about it i guess? and know i havent seen his c*** yet i really do tho!! =(

  • Maybe it is because it is his friend in particular. He might be insecure and could feel threatened of loosing your love if you fell for his friend. Would he be O.K. if it was some stranger? Does his friend have any idea of your fantasy of blowing him?

  • well i kinda had a feeling he would be insacure, how ever wudnt he rather me blow sum1 he new then sum random? plus my bf no's that im never leaving him and i know he wont leave me, iv given him his every dream and id bend over backwards for him(both meanings) heheh

    and nahh i dont think he has any idea... i wish he did tho. it wud make things kinda interesting. Thank you for your advise tho, your really helping me out =]

  • this is just f****** fake. their veins are retiring,no more wellness.

  • wtf does that even mean dude?

  • yeah i agree, ask the bf first. that way u'll be protected from awkwardness, blackmail or worse if it goes south and/or the friend wants more

  • ask your boyfriend if he's down with this. he'll either get turned on or tell you you're f***** in the head.

  • i did u just dusnt like it =[ cause its his friend.... & i know for a fact his friend wud like it but anyways.. id neva disrespect my bf n do it wid out him knowing.. never. kinda sux's he dusnt like the thought tho. =[

  • kill the perverts, they are not known to be a human.

  • could you please stop posting stupid things like that on everyone's confessions. what the h*** is wrong with you.

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