My life

I tried to commit suicide when i was 15 i went to a rehab clinic after for 7 months. I finally started school again and befriended a football player who has a crush on the only person who stuck with me though the suicide thing and my best friend. And when he told me he liked her, i invited to my house to study and we did it not s** but madeout and i gave him a b******* and other stuff. I am not in love with him or anything, i just wanted her to hurt like i did.

I know i am terrble and i have beeen though alot and this makes me wanna kill myself again but i Promise i won't just help me
If their is a God?
Pray for me
I am a little slore
I am Sorry brittany
I am sorry for messing up you and Darnell
And i am sorry i can't tell you this to your face
I am so sorrry

Oct 1, 2010

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