Im Sorry

2yrs relationship and I Still love my Ex boyfriend of 7month more then I could love anyone else. I;m sorry i Lie to you everyday, Im sorry I don;t want to be with you. I'm sorry the hurt and pain i've done. So Folish in my past loosing every friend i had. Im sorry I hurt you. Im sorry everyday i want to kill myself. Im sorry im so worthless im not as pretty as her and skinny. im sorry i hate myself. Please forgive me...

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  • oh sweetie dont be so h****** yourself. dont stay with this other guy though, you wont be happy with him. be brave and jump off now. i know its scary but there is someone out there for you, maybe it is the ex and h*** come back or maybe someone even better for you. but its not the guy youre with now. good luck and i hope you find peace and contentment with your choices.

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