I'm in deep

I used to read these confession sites and laugh at the sorry s****. Now I'm one of them.

I'm divorcing and I found some confessions on this site by divorcing women who turn their sons against their ex-husbands by giving them s**. I though it was bullshit but then I saw a couple of movies like that and found similar confessions on other sites. And I found some actual news articles about women caught doing this.

I hate my ex-husband - he gave me the clap. So i figured why not? It was no problem. I just put on some sexy lingerie,walked in on him while he was jerking off, and asked if he wanted some real p****. He almost fell over himself running to my bed.

Now he just won't stop! I mean he just won't stop! I haven't had a decent night's sleep in two weeks because I wake up every couple of hours when he starts f****** me! You've heard jokes about how h**** young boys are? Saturday he had to do me 17 times before he couldn't get it up any more! I'm exhausted and sore and rubbed raw!

If I win custody, I get child support and alimony and the house. Without custody I get less alimony and half-interest in the house. So I have to put up with being a f***-toy for this damn c***-with-legs I gave birth to.

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  • 17 times...really.....bullshit

  • awwww how sweet,every time he pulls out its like giving birth again

  • Nice my records 14 times in 1 day.

  • 17 times. Like that's true. Fake as h***.

  • You F****** PEDOPHILE!!!!!

    Don't you realize that you're ruining your own son??? Having such a mother, no wonder he's so messed up....

    INCEST S***!!!!!

  • You can try with the whole town. That way even more people will be turned against your ex. Then, you can try with the whole state, and eventually the whole country will really hate your ex. Good job! the only problem is that you are a big, fat, ugly liar, and nobody believes your crap anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why... would that make him not like his dad? Logic-fail

  • Your son must be a real stud doing you 17 times in one day. WOW!!! My limit is 3.

  • Just take precautions against pregnancy.

  • my ex-wife did it to me

  • Yeah I'm sure everyone believes this.

  • Looks like you've already won custody !

    Where do all of you sorry ass skanky b****** come from???????

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