I just turned 16 and a few months ago

I just turned 16 and a few months ago back when I was 15, I was raped by a 26 year old gay man, and it felt so bad. He told me I can't tell anyone because he'll hunt me down and ruin my life. I never told anyone because I'm afraid.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i'm so sorry about what happened.
    I wish i could give you a hug :(

  • If you do not try, he WILL hurt other innocent children the way he has hurt you. And please tell someone you trust, being raped is extremely difficult to live with unless you receive professional counselling. I know.

  • actually to the first comment, its harder to press charges against him now..theres not enough proof.

    our justice system sucks.

  • Are you afraid ov what people will think? consult in a counsellor. seriousli hun people say you gotta put him in jail... but then theres just as many emotions for you. but take a few steps in putting him in jail. it will eventually put your mind at ease.

  • wow...that sucks...i feel bad for you, dude...i'm sorry about that...


  • tell someone. this guy is counting that you wont tell nobody. he will do it to other boys. dont let that happen. get tested for hiv. this man is a criminal. put im in jail. there is nothing wrong with you. by putting this guy in jail you will feel vindicated. god bless you. be strong. you have a whole life ahead of you.

  • Please tell someone. You can still file charges against him.

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