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I have never told anyone about my relationship with an older guy. I am 21 and he is 34, and we have been living together (as much as we can) for almost a year. The truth is that I've been shocked it even happened from the beginning, but I feel drawn to him and we are very comfortable with each other. We both know our relationship wouldn't be accepted by anyone and knowing that it couldn't go on forever and not wanting to get more attached, I told him I needed some time away (he understood). I know that I need to move on with my life but when I'm with him, it feels like home. It's hard to stay away when he's so close.

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  • When I was 29 I meet my NOW wife who was 18. She was a dream. An angel!!! We have 2 kids and are very happy. Just go with your instinct and f*** wut everyone else thinks. Be happy. Life is too short to worry about wut other f**** thinks. Hope this helps.

  • Go for it! I have been married for 38 years, and am 10 years old than my husband! When it's right, it's RIGHT.
    Good luck!

  • The age difference isn't that great. If that's your only impediment there must be some other reason you don't want this relationship to go forward.

  • It's not that the age difference bothers me, but it would never work out with my family. I would probably have to choose between them, and I would have to choose my family.

  • Your family would disown you over a 13 year difference in your ages? Are you sure or are you just assuming that? Why don't you give them a little more credit than that. Perhaps he is married already. Has several kids. Has been married two or three times previously. Was in prison. Doesn't have a job. Is a registered s** offender. I still believe there is something else going on here.

  • I agree with this commenter..the age difference is not that great that it can't work. You are both consenting adults. At this time in your life, you should be able to choose who you fall in love with. What are you not telling us..why would you have to choose? or is it an excuse because you don't really want to be with him?

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