I think im gay :(

Im 13 years old and i have been having feelings for other men for all my life but i have never told anyone, i fantasisze over men and dream of having s** with different men, i cant tell anyone but i dont know wot to do... i m********* over men and i want to get into heaven but will being gay stop me getting in ? help me please :(

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  • Just drop the gay bag before you get through the heaven security check! Soz. If you really think you are gay, then come out. But if you are just being influenced by the world we live in, then you don't have to. Besides, if your parents don't want you being gay, just keep it secret

  • Being gay or straight does nothing about getting into heaven , that is a joke . I am bi sexual , but very selective , My wife is bi sexual and very selective . Make sure you do not get aids, or any disease . No one cares just keep your life private . people hate things shown in their face, Gays hate Christians and it shows and they have became the aggressors, no one cares if your gay , but they have a right to protect their children or their family for horrible behavior . The disrespect both sides show is horrible . I enjoy sucking the p**** of selected male friends and they do me , I also enjoy eating p**** of my wife and her friends , I am respectful to m christian neighbors and they have no clue , there is no reason not to respect them , they do not discuss their love life and I do not discuss mine . Liberals have became the idiots here and the abusers of society . I have gay friends and caution them to act normal or I will not let you suck my d*** , some are stupid and that is when I have nothing to do with them . I have my rights to choose my friends , I also have my christian friends over all the time, but we do not talk s** , they are great admirable people , they are normal and respect me , but I am will never tell them my secrets . Society today is going completely stupid creating hate for nothing .

  • It's okay to be gay and I love hearing stories like yours. Follow me on twitter @OfficialChrisM I can help your further. I am a spiritual leader.

  • There is no such thing as h***, God loves ALL of his children. Do you think that a father would do that to a son? send him off to an eternity of suffering just for liking men? No such thing.

  • This problem seems like a big pain in the ass!

    Haha, see what I did there?

    - Qazman

  • I swear to god

  • You're not gonna go to h***. The bible also says it's a sin to cut your hair. So.. think about that :) I'm a Christian but idc about all that. Everyone should be able to live doing whatever they want without having the fear of being different.

    So don't be shy, show off your sexuality :) Anyone who doesn't accept you for it is a total dumbass!

  • you won't go to h***, and you should try telling someone. God created you and made you gay, so why would be damn you for doing what you were meant to do. I know from my life it was hard to tell people that I was bi sexual so it's a fight to hide it and live a lie. Perhaps tell a close friend? Do you know any gay people, or perhaps a guidance councilor from school, they can't tell anyone even your parents.
    PS if you ever do find a man you love remember to be safe even if you can't get pregnant you can get sick
    good luck

  • Its a sin. God says we do not lay down with another man the way we lay down with a woman. Talk to god
    And jesus and ask for a change and for
    Forgiveness. They will help you. God
    Knows your heart and he knows what you
    Struggle with! Have faith and he will
    Help you! If you have a relationship
    With jesus you will get into heaven

  • ok bible thumpers like this ass should be shot. There is nothing wrong with you, it's not like your the first person in the world to be gay. It's not a big deal you just like guys. And don't listen to people like ^ that. He is the really freak here, you don't need to find god. God will always be beside you know matter who you like. As far as support though I would talk to someone. Somebody you really trust. Maybe a close family member or a best friend. Good luck. Oh and I didn't say all that stuff because I am gay I just don't believe in judging people.

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