Huh...sounds strange...m so f****** shy in fornt of guys...i hate being like dis...its like i am jailed in four walls trying to be a freedom bird...i ahte ma job rite now...though all ma colleagues here r nice..i have this fcking fear on top of dat...d worst part of it is dat i dnt know wat i fear of...may be guys i suppose...but how d h*** can i be so shy of guys especially d ones in ma dept???god help me out...

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  • Maybe, because you can't spell.

  • I suggest gettin' youse sum edjamacashin.

  • y kant u dum kuntz spel ???

    Really , if you are going to use the English language in it's written form , please show it a little respect.

  • you need some confidence...a lot of women get shy or are unable to talk with men. Have to find something in common with the guy..but maybe best not to date anyone you work with. That's not the best idea, especially if it doesn't work out.

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