Abortion forced love

I stay with my boyfriend because when we first started dating I got pregnant and well i got an abortion. Now i fear no one else will ever love me if they find out what i did. I have tried dating other people but fear telling them so I make sure it never works out and I always end back up with him.

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  • Something does not add up with meghan's family or harry. I reckon they are all alcoholics and druggies. beggin' meghan mother looked like a child bride of about 12 and it looks sick. outside same place hugh grant done a prostitute???? black too. this is like a mystery story telling you things. listen carefully. why is this dude with a old black granny drawn faced married many times and notice ex say sharing custody with royals- did meghan and him have kids secretly hey. not surprising at all. i bet he was up to it in helping her marry up. her ex helped her to marry a royal as well.

  • Quit worrying it's just something retards who know nothing of biology get p***** about. A single moment of pain for a life time of neglect.

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