Whenever a teen says school is boring and moans, asking why it is necessary, you automatically think they are just being immature. Well I am fifteen years of age and i disagree, though that may be what some children say it for, I however say school is no help, granted I can think of no alternative to school, home schooling notwithstanding. But really what do you expect when you throw thirty kids in one place with a few adults, and then if they do not attend what ever shall we do? Oh thats right blackmail and threaten the parents, that will definitely work. Yes, I may be speaking from experience, and yes, I may be biased, but is this really the way to go? and think, really think, would you honestly want to go back?

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  • School is not bad.

    But you know what's really bad, no it's horrible, absolutely atrocious: social studies(aka humanities aka history, geography and nationalism)

    Why do I hate it so much ?
    'cause it's useless. the whole subject is just based on memorizing stuff (dates, reasons, definitions and results) and then remembering them on the day of the test. that's like being fed with bullshit all year and then puking it out on the exam paper.

    The subject itself has no value. The teacher comes to class, tells us what to memorize and leaves. HE COULD BE REPLACED WITH A ROBOT. Actually since all we're supposed to do is underline the stuff he tells us to underline and memorize them. WE COULD ALSO BE REPLACED WITH ROBOTS.

    You know what they could do to decrease their spendings ? Instead lf hiring a guy to tell us what to underline they could just delete everything from the book that we're not supposed to underline.

    Also the stuff they force feed us is useless and will absolutely not help us in the future. Like why do I need to know about the f****** results of some battle in world war 2 ? I mean that's never gonna help me.

    Oh and don't say it helps because you need to learn from the mistakes of those before you. because I'm not in military academy nor do I ever wanna have anything to do with the army. I wanna be a software engineer so how are the result of some battle 80 f****** years ago important to know, no actually so important that I have to F****** MEMORIZE IT.

    Like even the name is stupid, 'social studies' ? What's so social about sitting my ass at home trying to get god knows how many pages memorized. You know what is should be called ? 'torture studies', or 's***'. Yeah that really lets you know what to expect.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my rant on how useless social studies are.

    (btw I'm a 15 year old guy so I'm probably young, stupid and biased lol)

    I should make a youtube video about this.

  • Ordem

  • Yeah it really teaches you nothing. If I could have done it differently I would have gone to junior college at fourteen.

  • Shut up. School is boring. So what? It's not there to entertain you. Suck it up and go until you're 17 then drop out if you feel like your boredom is so much more important that your future. I hate when children whine...

  • Stay in school and go to class. It does get boring and seems pointless at times but it's all worth it in the end. I'm still in school doing my Masters. Ya some of the stuff seems useless. It always will I'm sure.

  • Agreed. That's why I go to a charter school so I only have to go twice a week for three hours. It's a DRAG! Buuut, I'm working my ass off so I can graduate at 15. School makes no sense.

  • Hey.
    I hated school.
    I didn't go back for ages.
    I got in s*** loads of trouble, got health problems and my relationship with my parents fell apart.
    It's f****** hard to go back, but going back is for the best, you need to learn some of these things (or at least get the qualifications) to get on in later life.
    I know it's hard to think about, but it's only a few more years and you're free.
    You just have to find the courage to go back.
    Good luck

  • Kid, get a hold of yourself. You'll never make it anywhere in life without school and college, so stop your whining and go.

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