im afraid, i mean really afraid to tell my wife what i really want in the bedroom. i want her to crap on me. i dont know why. i always thought it was gross but now i think the kinkiness is too great to overcome. i wanna ask but im afraid what she'll think of me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^^ HAH no they dont. it's still gross.

  • start out slow... maybe get her to watch some p*** with people doing that and see what she thinks of it. Or tell her a story about someone you heard doing that. She will prolly say that she thinks it's nasty, but then you could say, "Well i don't know, it might be fun, if you have the kind of trust and intamacy that we have." Girls love romantic crap like that. HAH

  • gross, yes!!! if she say no, maybe she will help find someone to help with your needs, if she gets sick when you tell her, forget it. she may never bring it up again, but if she does, than there will be a way.

  • A relation between a husband & wife should always be open. You have the full right to ask her whatever you want but at the same time you should also take care of her neeeds. Be free to tell her what you want from her.
    Open communication among couples in the only key to success in their married life.
    All the best!!!!

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