Sick wants.

I've always wondered what other people taste like... I mean this in the "battered and fried" sense. Now I'm terrified that I'm going to be some cannibalistic serial killer because I can't get the thought of eating people out of my head. I swear, I've been like this since I was little. Never ever have I told this to anyone because they'd probably lock me up. Even though when you think about it, people eat animals, and people ARE animals... hey if they're already dead; why waste meat?

Oct 31, 2010

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  • Dude I heard about a japanese guy who ate a women in France in the 70's. In the doc he said he had those urges since childhood because he had a very repressive education and didn't know how to deal with his sexual feelings. Please get help. I'm serious man!

  • if you don't want to kill someone or time you get a bleeding injury, bite it hard. that should fix that curiosity of yours. it'll hurt like h***, but it's part of the learning process. *nods* anyway...! other n' that, there IS a way to feel some sort of "release" on this way of thinking. there is a genre of fetishism called "Vore". check it out.

    and meat is only edible from alive or freshly killed specimens anything dead from natural causes is fatally toxic to humans.

    this is all meant to be "education" type information. there's no real cure for these types of obsessions, but there ARE ways to cope. *nods*

  • I've read that humans taste more like pork than anything. But seriously, that's messed up. YOu should probably go to therapy.

  • Sociopaths don't have any morality at all, you d***.

    Go vegan. All life is sacred. Viewing an animal as food will depersonalize them.

  • Could make a joke and say "tastes like chicken" but on a serious note I think you may need some could be a sociopath. You should get help before you hurt someone.

  • GethelpgethelpGET HELP.

  • Meat is too delicious to go vegan. Vegans are p****** anyway.

  • Go vegan.

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