Former flame

I used to date an older man. I fell for him pretty hard, but we also live in opposite parts of the country. He broke it off and ended up getting married to an heiress. This was about 3 years ago but we just got back in contact. I have a boyfriend who is very nice, but the passion is no where near what it was. I want him back, and the life we would have together!

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  • Man, I know... Why are older men so much more attractive? It makes things so complicated. I've been in the same situation and would take him over any guy my age. I don't know what it is.

  • Stay where you are or at the very lesat do not go back. The grass is not greener...the life you 'could have had' togther is myth and only is wonderful in your mind.

  • im kind of feeling the my post 'love my ex'. though things are goin pretty ok with my current boyfriend..we dont have that passion..its dull..i wish i had him back it was so exciting with my ex & i was sooo crazy bout him(still am)..well anyway ive decided to stick to my current bf..y go back to someone who dumped me rite?he woudnt have if he felt the same way i feel about him..

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