To believe or not to believe

Me and my partner just recently got back together after he cheated on me. He admitted to being with this other woman once but I found out it was twice. I have every reason to believe s** was involved, he denies that part, I dont think I will ever know, whats killing me is that I cant seem to get past this, what do i do? we are trying so hard to work on this but its me holding us back.

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  • If he confessed to actually sleeping with this woman, or others, can you forgive him? Are you more upset that he cheated or that he's lying about something? There are couples who can move past infidelity. But it really has to come from you if you would be willing to deal with it and move on? Not saying you should forget, but you can't hold this over his head and punish him forever. It will eventually lead him to stray again. Go and speak with a counselor, fix what's wrong with your relationship. If it happens again, Men typically cheat because they are insecure or are unfulfilled in their relationship. Hope he doesn't again, but if it does..leave.

  • we have been together for 9 years and have 2 kids, I left him but I love him too much it was unbearable without him, so we are giving it a try

  • You won't get past it. There's so many other people in the world just move on and find someone that loves you or respects you enough not to do that. If he really did care for you he wouldn't have carried on the cheating knowing it would hurt you. Find someone new.

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