I'm afraid to play videogames in front of other people...

I can't play videogames in front of other people. Sometimes I have to wait until 2 a.m. just to play when everyone is in bed. If I'm playing and someone walks in the room I get realllly nervous and have to quit the game. Playing online is even worse than playing in front of other people.... I ALWAYS chicken out before the game begins. There are so many people in the lobby.... and I especially hate those d**** with their headsets who scream "NOOOOB!" And "get the f*** outta here, man" because I don't even DO anything wrong; they're just being a*******. It doesn't help me at all.

It's like, I can't play in front of others because I'm scared they're judging how I play and watching everything I do. I don't want to die in my game and look like a loser in front of someone. Seriously, when someone is there while I'm gaming, I get paranoid and think "Oh god are they watching me play?? What if I die? Will they laugh at me? They'll think I suck at videogames. I don't want to look s***** at videogames!!! Are they watching me or not?!?!? OH MY GOD THEY PROBABLY ARE, SHIIIIIIT"

It's really pathetic, but I can't help it. I'm just a paranoid fuckstick I guess.

Nov 5, 2010

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  • hahah at a looser

  • I play all the time and i am a girl!! people give me all kinds of s*** for playing and when i first started i sucked!! lol but all you have to do is not car what they say!! they don't know who you really are you just have to talk s*** back to them!

  • 9 times out of 10 you will never have a normal conversation with the same people you play online with... So dont worry no one will judge you!

  • This feeling of failing only happens when you play video games? How do you do when it comes to actual interaction with friends? people on the street? sports? girls? This is most likely just lack of confidence. Actually with anything.. you just got to take a deep breath and go for it. Otherwise, you'll never take a chance. Fear of failing at something is natural. So what if someone laughs..you'll be okay. It's a game..just like just posting on this confession board..no one knows who you are. Need to let your fear go..

  • Here is what you do when your online and some dude begins talking s***, you calmly inform him that his mother is a huge w**** and you've had s** with her many times. If he happens to be a much higher rank than you, just accuse HIM of being the noob and the the only reason he is such a high rank is he cheated by illegaly boosting. Then when the game starts make sure you play long enough to kill the d*** that is running his mouth even if its only once and let the verbal beatings begin, tell him how bad he sucks cause he just got killed by a noob. Just keep on playing and before you know it you will be really good and can the hate on and torture noobs yourself. Remember its all in good fun and talking s*** to other players is a big part of it.

  • You are right... that is quite a problem 'cause video games are made to be enjoyed and apparently you can't do that :S Kinda sucks... So you only play single-player games? How about you bring along your best friend to play with you in a multi-player game? If you are really that embarrassed with your problem then you don't even have to tell her/him (even though it would be better...) :) Come on, you can do it!! forget about the others for a while and enjoy your time ;)


  • Don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say. Think of the word video game. KEY WORD IS GAME which is supposed to be fun. Enjoy yourself and if you die just laugh about it before anyone else gets a chance to. F*** em', you're awesome. Keep on playin kid!

  • Games can help you make friends.
    Also, who cares what others think? You're gonna be playing at home, right? Well, it's just your relatives and as long as you don't play all day so they can't watch any tv it should be fine. H*** I have a friend who plays games all the itme and we have a blast.

  • Dude you do realize the people talking s*** to you are like 12 year old boys. Just jump in there and play who gives a s*** what the other tards are saying, if all else fails turn off your headset.

  • I KNOW but it's like... It's like I get a f****** panic attack when other people can see me play. I don't know why and it f****** sucks.

  • I hope you're not gonna become afraid to make posts on message boards now...

  • Stupid whiny ass noob p****, go get on mw2 so i can p*** you.

  • You mean "pown" or "pwn" don't you? Are you sure you even play videogames?

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