I feel dirty.

I feel dirty because i m*********.
i'm a teenager, and i've looked this kind of thing up. it says its normal, but i still feel gross.

Nov 9, 2010

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  • That first idiot that responded doesn't know a damn thing...first off you are not having s** with muliple partners and there is nothing wrong with jerking off. There are many enjoyable things you can do with yourself that will help you learn about your body and s** drive. Don't be afraid to try new things. This will help you please your partner later in life.

  • You're normal. You're not going to "h***". You won't go blind. I think you're more uncomfortable with what you're feeling, then actually feeling gross. If you have questions, ask your doctor, parents, someone you feel comfortable speaking with and trust. And learn about how your body is changing, sexual functions and sexual diseases and their prevention. Regardless of when/if you are going to have s** anytime soon or m*********, at least educate yourself. Be smart and safe.

  • So what? You m********* , so does the rest of the world (ASIDES FROM THE OTHER PERSON WHO COMMENTED) . Youre a teenager , full of raging hormones and an ever increasing sexual hunger (for lack of a better word) i would think that its better to sexually please yourself rather than slutting yourself around and having other people sexually please you ,like majority of the teenagers do nowadays. The benefits of masturbation are many, for example, you'll never catch an STD , or HIV or AIDS or any of those horrible diseases. Another benefit is that you get to know your own body and what you like or dislike sexually. The reality of the situation is that the world is full of s****, turn on yr TV and see what I mean. S** is everywhere and its become a favourite pass time , its become such a casual act. By masturbating , youre not being UNFAITHFULL to your future partner. Thats such BS!!! Everybody needs a way to release tension in their lives, in this case sexual tension , I say M********* and release it. If you feel dirty about it , wash your hands afterwards!!! Theres nothing wrong with it. Z

  • Don't do it. It IS dirty. You need to respect your body. Just think that someday, you'll meet someone who you'll love more than anything and you'll get married and you will hope you saved everything for that one person. It will bond you two together stronger. People who don't wait and have s** with multiple people don't have as strong and intimate a marriage as those who do. Masturbating is like having s** before you're married to your one true love. You're feeling the feelings that they're waiting to make you feel because they love you and they don't want anyone else to have you. And if you don't care about that, just think that resisting the urge will give you self-mastery and self-discipline which will help you alot in life. Refraining from swearing also does that. I know what you're talking about. I'm struggling with this too, I just try to think about my future husband and how much I'll want to give my whole self to him. Just think about it.

  • You're wrong, actually. It's not dirty. It's preference. If anything, I say to stop just because it makes you feel dirty. That doesn't mean it IS. But if you feel bad because of it, then don't do it, for yourself. Not for anyone else.

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