Are the nasty comments on the sad posts necessary

I guess its the anonymity of the internet that inspires these authors of comments to claim fake posts or make fun of kids posting their confessions (some of them quite horrid). yeah totally get the insulting of the daddy that wants to bang his daughter (not my taste and my opinion of just gross),just don't read em if you don't like the title, I don't and choose not to comment. Some of these confessions by kids are quite awful. Think...just think...what if the kid/wife/husband thats getting molested, abused or beaten has actually posted a genuine post. Have a bit of consideration when writing a comment. Your nasty comment could be the one that tips them over the edge.

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  • Do an online search for "Greater Internet F*uckwad Theory." Yes, there really is such a thing, and it states, in brief, that otherwise nice, ordinary people, once they have anonymity and no consequences, offered by the Internet, turn into total f*ckwads.

  • Yes, and that theory applies to OPs as well as commentators. But you never, ever read a post about -that.- Just whiny noise coming from yet another insecure teenager or neckbeard who has a sad because their posts didn't get the attention they think they deserve.

  • To the last two comments. Are you the type of d*** heads that go on facebook tribute pages and post horrible comments to friends and family who are grieving? As someone who has been touched by a family member committing suicide, I can tell you it is not painless. Not for those who have been left behind. Get a life and find another way to amuse yourself other than posting nasty little comments.

  • "As someone who has been TOUCHED by a family member committing suicide, I can tell you it is not painless." I guess it was bad touch then, since it involved pain.

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