Im addicted

On the outside you would never know it, but ive been living a secret life, you see i love to crossdress and wear little panties, i wear them under my jeans and then i go hang out in mensrooms waiting to meet men. i sit in the stall and m********* with my panties around my ankles, then when someone is interested i suck them really addicted to this and love every minute of it. now ive started meeting men on the internet to come to my place to play, and finally did it, i got f*****! nowim afraid im gonna turn into a complete w****! nobody around me knows this and i have a girlfriend and the whole thing. but my real secret is that im a crossdressing sissy cumslut.

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  • You can do whatever you'd like. But you're behavior is very dangerous.. You can only hide this double live for so long. It's fine to do that, but then be single. You should break up with your girlfriend. She's going to be really hurt when/if she ever finds out, and you're putting her health/life in danger by having unprotected s** with other men. Hopefully, you're being safe and wearing a condom..HIV/AIDS and a handful of other diseases still exist out there.

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