Im 34 & im disabled (im in a wheelchair) , ive never had a girlfriend, the fustration is realy getting to me,ive been in love with one of my bestfriends, but shes in a relationship , a couple of yrs we got realy close & it got realy intense, but i didnt act on it, now im wondering have i missed my chance, i realy wish i could meet someone & love me for who i am,

May 12, 2011

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  • Trust me you are not missing much if you are with the wrong person and stuck in a rotten relationship. That type of stuff can eat a person's soul away; so you should see it as a blessing that you haven't gotten trap into one of those resigning situations. PLEASE NEVER DO. Promise yourself that... I'ts much better to be alone or accompany by someone who truly cares, than to become a bitter married man (or woman, which was my case). Also don't settle at all, be confident, used your charm and your new found passion (meaning the energy you used to waste thinking about your friend) to light up a room.

    As for the friend you have feelings for, let destiny take it's course. And if fortune comes in knocking one more time, this time you'll be ready. Meanwhile get out there and take your time to find the right woman. Get into any type of sport activity that would be a great fit for you. Go the museum, places, read to kids in schools (like volunteering); maybe you can meet a great school teacher. At 34yrs. old you are still young. Men seem to be hold to a different standard when it comes to age. And just recently are women catching up the idea, that they too are young in their 30's. So live as much as you can, and soon that special someone will come into your live. Play in both dating worlds (the online dating scene and the regular dating scene.)

    I wish you the best.

  • Did you ever tell your friend how you felt about her? Get out there and meet someone..dating sites, meetups. I have a friend with a disability and that doesn't stop her from going after what she wants. Let people see who you are..the wheelchair or your disability does not and should not define who you are. Let that shine.

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