HELP! any ideas?

Ive always been a straight man so i dont know how this happend but two years ago me and my best friend were partying at my place and he called this girl to come over and we drank beers and played strip poker, well my friend lost first and took off his last article of clothing, his underwear, and when he did my whole life changed! he had the biggest most beautiful c*** id ever seen! it wasnt even completely hard but i was drooling, he then went and kicked back on my recliner and i was having a h*** of a time, because as soon as i seen it i didnt give one s*** about the girl, i think i was almost trembling as i kept looking over at him.his hot c*** was sticking up in the air and all i wanted to do was jump up and lick his shaft from bottom to top! but i didnt of course. but after that night ive been mastubating about him letting me make love to him. its driving me crazy! its been 2 years now and he has a girlfriend but i gotta figure out a way to have him. can anybody give me some good ideas how to safely do this? if i dont im gonna end up just blurting it out and ruining my chances with him. i am completely in love with him! HELP!

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  • It is not love but, I have been there myself and I suggest one of two things...either, call him ans ask him over and when he gets there, have a p**** playing on the tube and see what happens next or, just be honest withhim about what happened and let him know you would like to experience it with him because you feel you can trust him and you want to be safe. If there is a chance one of those will work. If not...then it is not meant to be. If he is a true friend it shouldn't hurt your friendship.

    Good Luck Buddy

    PS. If all else can suck me anytime

  • yeah i do love penises, and they love me back! why do you come on here and read gay confessions? i think you are gay and in denial pal!!!!

  • Hahahaha your in love with a dudes p****, F**!

  • I agree with the other comment. You are confusing love and l***. You're friend is clearly not gay and most likely no interest in being seduced by you. I suggest if you want to see if you're gay or bi-curious, go meet another man. Safely.. use a condom.

  • i think you are confusing love and l***. did u fall head over hills after you saw his p****? if so then i doubt that what ever you were experiencing was down to love. The question you have to ask yourself is whether its worth changing your relationship if he doesnt feel the same there is a chance that things between you wont be the same and at times it is better to have the person in your life as a friend than not at all.

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