Love... i hope

You make me feel amazing. when i first saw you i said to myself one of these days you will be mine.when we went through phases of not talk it was horrable yes it was partyly my fault but it was still aweful. i had a few " boyfriends" but no matter what guy i liked it always went back to you when you told me you were up here and that you wanted to hang out and give my the gifts you got me, i wasnt lying when i said i couldnt. when you said it hurt you really bad when i didnt show up that weekend i felt like crap when i saw your face when you told me that i wanted to shoot myself. i love how we have skpe dates allll the time it makes me really happy when i see you and i cant wait for this weekend like Ah! you are so so so so so awesome and i love you. ive never liked a guy this much to where i dont txt or hang out with anyone else. no ive never been in love before but im pretty sure this is it. you have seen me pretty much at my worst. im a vergin and ive never had the desire to have s** or really do anything with a guy bc thats not me. but ive seriously thought about it with you (which is a bad deal for me). i trust you completely. and i want to be with you my whole life. we click so well physically and mentally. ive never got mad at you yes ive thought you were not mad but eh at me bc you didnt txt me for like a day.. ha big deal right? ;) and then when you did txt me it was like one word answers and stuff and i thought i did something wrong but i guess you were busy or something. you can always brighten my day no matter what! i love it! i always.. ALWAYS talk about you it gets crazy lol i love you so much <3

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  • Oh it is love.. Ha trust me I've heard enough about him to know you're in love. Hahaha

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