So curious!

What did he get me for Christmas? I'm very curious but pretended like i'm not at all. I told him, dont give it to me early because i dont like early xmas presents and even though i'm dying to know what it is.

Here are the hints: He got it about few week ago, he didnt go to the mall, he didnt pay for it yet (only 1/2). One night, when we made up from a fight, he told me he wanted to give me the xmas present tomorrow morning. I asked him why? He said he just feel like giving it to me early. Well, later that day he didnt because i had to go to work.

And now he told me, whatever, if you want it early i'll give it to you early, if not, i'll give it to you later.

What could it be?

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  • Wakka chika wakka chika...

  • He got you a d****.

  • engagement ring?
    I have no idea.
    But post the results.
    Now I'm curious, too.

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