I am a thirteen year old black girl, I am slightly addicted to p***, and all things erotic. i kinda want my peers to know because they all think im innocent and quiet. I hate that. I'm pretty and hilarious, but no one sees it. I want a boyfriend so bad, but Im not going to settle for an idiot. Even though I like things dirty, I just want someone to hold me and accept me. Don't give me any crap about my age...

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  • I was addicted to p*** at your age too. You're not a freak, just hormonal

  • You sound like a true sub to me. :)

  • You're "normal". Not "freaky".

  • Hey Doll don't feel bad. That's normal as we all are different in many ways. If you want to have s** feel free and f*** till you drop.S** was never taboo with Adam & Eve and off course with all their children.You go girl....cockulate but don't populate. My mum was married at 13 so what's the big deal.Make that circle beeger!

  • So you're 13..we've all been there. You have your entire life ahead of you to find a boyfriend(s) and people are drawn to you exactly because of how you described yourself. Don't grow up too fast..enjoy it cause it goes by really fast! Stay the same innocent, quiet, smart, funny girl you are. Your friends like you because of who you are. They know you're funny and pretty..they just don't say it. And even boys will like you more because of you who you are. P***/erotica are okay to look at because you're curious..but don't let it distort what s** between two consenting/loving adults really is. Of course, having s** really should wait until you're really ready and with someone you are committed to and love. Be smart and know about contraception and prevention of STDs, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, HPV etc. You're going to be fine.

  • Where do you live? I'll accept you for who you are.

  • me too , i am in india now , will you meet me ?

  • You're sick. Go burn in h*** perv.

  • Idiot..

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