Dirty times with fam

Before I turned 13 I would make out with my cousin we are both girls , but we liked it , we were curious , we humped and kisses eachtohers necks , and we would try sexual things , but ever since we got older we don't even think about the bungs we used to do , we just hang out with her sister and go out places , and I kinda miss those things sometimes

May 4, 2015

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  • My niece and i are the same age and we both went thru puberty together.We were both 13 at the time and she had the unfortunate luck of being a bedwetter in puberty while i wasnt.Her mom and dad had her wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.Her parents would go out of town frequently on the weekends and i would go and stay with her.At 13,we werent afraid to stay alone at all.At bedtime,she would take out her cloth diapers,pins,baby powder and plastic pants and i would help her put them on.The one weekend her parents were gone and she got into her diapers and plastic pants and then got some out for me and i put them on also! We carried on like babies,running around in our tee shirts and the diapers and plastic pants.We starting cuddling each other and ran our hands over each others crotch.We did this most of the night and then also on sunday before her parents got home.Those were nice memories of both of us being 13 year old babies!

  • Humped a neck? And yes, this is incest and very gross and wrong

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