Sly Guy

I snucked into the woman's bathroom in my dorm today to m*********. As soon as I got in I opened the first stall and locked it as fast as I could to avoid getting caught. I had come at the perfect time. I could hear shower water running. I got excited so I pulled my pants down and started jerking away, waiting for the water to stop so I could see her naked body walk out the shower through the small slit in the stall. As she walked out I tried to eye her body but I could barely make out her features because the slit was so small. She left and my b**** went down. Then I decided to m********* in the same shower she used. It wasn't working so I dashed back to the stall. I looked through the small trash can in the stall for something that could help and I hit the jackpot!

I had found a dirty pair of panties. I put it up to my nose and inhaled. This got me hard. I jerked and jerked while smelling the panty crotch until at the last second I lowered the panties and came all over it. I placed the cream covered panty on the toilet seat and walked out.

Nov 21, 2010

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  • It's a coed dorm

  • Hey op while all this was going on i SNUCKED in your dorm room and jerked off on your toothbrush, then i SNUCKED back out. I plan on SNUCKING again next time you SNUCKED into the chicks bathroom.

  • That was pretty f****** funny!

  • Here is what the OP really meant to type:

    I wish I had the b**** to do something crazy, but I'll sit in my dorm room and get p***** at my roommate for f****** another girl.....I'm so lonely.

    That is what they wanted to say.

  • your weird

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